Corporate Social Responsibility


Our commitment to our social responsibility as a business has been stronger than ever. We are working to implement becoming paperless in our operations and to promote the use of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials in the assets we manage.

We believe in giving back to society. Hence, we have been donating to charities that are serving humanity through great causes, and this will continue.

Helping Hands

Some of the charities we support are, but not limited to are UCKG Helpcentre which does a variety of community works such as food banks, soup kitchens, and Give Warmth Appeal. Firm Foundation helps relieve the immediate suffering of the homeless while working with them to find a practical and sustainable solution to their needs.

Our Goals

We provided concessions to rent to the staff of the National Health Service (NHS) UK as a gesture of appreciation for their service towards humanity.

We aim to sponsor at least two young individuals for their education and provide them with work experience in our operations, helping them find their career paths.