Culture & Values

Mayfords is an estate agency established on Christian principles. These principles include honesty, integrity, diversity, inclusivity, discipline and unity. These fundamental principles enable the team to effectively collaborate and communicate to achieve a common goal, which is to serve.


We are honest

We have nothing to hide, because building long-lasting relationships founded on trust is of the highest importance to Mayfords. Honesty is our policy. We are truthful, sincere and aim to manage clients’ expectations whilst fighting to exceed them.

We communicate clearly

Mayfords have a diverse team with clients spread across the globe, so effective communication is key to success. Hence, we aim to communicate to ensure all parties involved are well informed in a timely manner.


We serve

Mayfords are motivated to provide the best quality service to all parties we interact with, continuously improving ourselves and service to ensure the highest standards are met and we exceed expectations.

We are accountable

Mayfords take ownership and responsibility providing a bespoke superior service, enabling us to take pride in what we deliver.


We act with integrity

Mayfords want to build long-lasting relationships within our industry to ensure that clients and partners are satisfied, no matter the service we provide them with. Hence, we hold ourselves to uncompromising ethical, professional and legal standards. This extends to our day-to-day business conduct, policies and our commitment social responsibility.