Block Management

Why manage your block with us?

At Mayfords, our London-based Block Management services are efficient and proven successful, because not only do we have over 40 years of experience, but we work well with our clients, and ensure we provide a swift, tailor-made response to each of their requirements. This is evident from our portfolio because we diligently manage blocks ranging from just four units to well over one hundred units across London.

The value of assets under our management is more than 500 million pounds with hundreds of happy homeowners and a number of corporate property investors.

Staying on top of your maintenance

The team oversee site staff, budgets, health & safety and compliance, ensuring our residents have peace of mind, and asset values are maintained and maximised. Good maintenance of communal areas is essential to the value and wellbeing of the residence.

Our approach to block management is to ensure that we provide transparent, professional and responsive management of blocks.

Contact our block management team

It is easy to set-up a consultation with our block management team. Our experts are on the other end of the line if you call 0208 863 9718. Alternatively, send us an email to and we’ll happily arrange a call with you.