Being exposed to everything and anything over the past 36 years we know that property issues never sleep. We also know how unique some issues are and that sometimes our Block and property tenants are not sure who to contact in certain situations.

The following should help clarify some of your questions:

Who do I contact when my property is having an issue in a Block which Mayfords manage?

If the issue is only affecting you and those within your particular property than the issue is out of Mayfords control. We only deal with issues that affect multiple properties within the block. These issues are up to your property manager.

Sometime you may find Mayfords is both your block AND property manager. In this case certainly give us a call on 0208 863 9718

What should I do if there is a minor fix required in my block?

If the fix is small such as changing a smoke alarm or changing a light bulb please contact your concierge if you have one.